Poultry and Lamb
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26. Shefinfin $12.00


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22. Ye'Beg Key Tibbs $13.00

Cubes of tenderloin Lamb tibs sautéed in our chef’s Special sauce. Served with Injera or Bread.

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19. Special Yehabesha Dero $17.00

Tender hen cooked in mild sauce include Two hen leg and hard boiled egg with Cottage cheese served with injera

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16. Dero wat $12.00

Tender chicken cooked in mild sauce and hard boiled egg served with injera.

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25. Dullet $14.00

Liver, tripe freshley minced lean Lamb mixed with butter and hot metmeta

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21. Ye'Beg Alicha $12.00

Succculent Lamb meat cooked with mild mild sauced

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18. Dero Firfir $12.00

Pieces of Injera soaked in Doro wat and Yogurt.

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23. Special Ye'Beg Tibbs $14.00

Cubes of tenderloin lamb meat sautéed With butter, Onion, spices and our chef’s Special sauce Served with salad and Injera or bread

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20. Ye'Beg Key Wat $12.00

Succulent Lamb meat cooked in berbere sauced

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17. Dero Tibbs $15.00

Sauteed with spiced butter, garlic, hot pepper, served with injera