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7. Kenche - $ 6.00
Cracked wheat blended with herbed Oil and spices

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4. Shero Fitfit - $7.50
Cold shiro with crumbs of injera, onion, Tomato and jalapeno.

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qunta firfir

3. Qunta Firfir - $8.00
A cube of dry beef meat soaked in wat

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Qita Firfir

6. kita Firfir - $7.00
Thin bread (qita) pieces served with Butter & berbere

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1. Foul - $6.00

Special Foul (Mashed Beans sauteed with Onion hot Pepper, butter / Oil and yogurt)

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Scramble Egg

5. Scramble Egg - $6.00
Scramble egg cooked with onion, tomato Jalapeno seved with bread.

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2. Firfir Special - $8.00
Pieces of Injera simmered with olive oil and hot Pepper topped .